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Jonjith body transformation F4E

Jonjith, IT Proffessional

Hi am Jonjith , IT Professional by profession and more over am a fitness freak, I joined Fitness 4 Ever after hearing a lot about the gym, I joined 2 months back and with the help of my Personal Trainer Amith Krishna I achieved my dream body. Thanks a lot to my trainer and team Fitness 4 ever. It's just a second home for me, so friendly and homely environment.

Miss Alka form 60 to 49 Kgs F4E

Miss Alka, Network Engineeer

Miss Alka, she is a network engineer by profession , a very enthusiastic client at Fitness4ever, after joining us she became a very dedicated fitness freak . She came to tone her body and now from a chubby 60kgs to a well tonnes 49kgs in 3 months time. Her trainer Amith make her do intense weight training. Personal Trainer Amith Krishna make her do only weight training and one day cardio so as to maintain her cardio vascular fitness. Her commitment is admired by many members too. Team fitness4ever salute you for your achievement.

Arun Eappachan from 118 to now 102 kgs

Arun Eappachan

Hi I am . Arun Eappachan. I joined Fitness 4 Ever after hearing lot of reviews about this gym from my friends, I was at a towering weight of 118 kgs when I joined F4E on March 2017 and since then I have reduced good amount of fat from my body, I increased my fitness levels too, I am now 102 kgs. Thanks Fitness 4 Ever and specially my Personal trainer Sagar who took so much care and motivated me to achieve my goal. My trainer is setting new targets for me. He helps me to keep me motivated and keep me focused. I recommend Fitness 4 Ever to all who are looking for serious results. 

Mr. Pramod Prakasham

Mr. Pramod Prakasham

Mr. Pramod Prakasham. A member at Fitness 4 Ever , he joined us back in 2009 and since then a very regular member and today we are proud to honer you as on of the most dedicated guy in our gym. Seeing him walking into the gym make us proud as he look so young and energetic to his age. The term 'Age is just a number ' suits him the most. Thanks for being a member with us. And wish you good health . Team F4E.

Rohit Krishna

Rohit Krishna

I joined Fitness 4 Ever 3 months back. When I joined they asked me to take TFP 3 months. I felt the package a bit expensive, but the Fitness consultant insisted me to take TFP telling me it will give 10 - 15 kgs guaranteed results. Half minded and after seeing several testimonials I finally decided to take up the challenge. I was trained by my Personal trainer Sagar , the very first day he took the Fitness evaluation and fitness test. I was shocked to see that my scores where low and I could find one thing about Fitness4Ever as a team of professionals. They are committed. And I can tell this authentically because I have worked out on and off in many gyms. They planned and put me into a very easy but strict diet plan and neither no steroids or fat burners. Over the time after 3 months now I am 20 kgs lighter than what I was before. My trainer so hardworking ,focused and dedicated and never spare me , so inspirational and motivational that I make sure that I reach the gym for my workouts. So happy in achieving my target and thanks to my trainer Sagar who helped me achieve my goal. And thanks to team F4E.

Arun Eappachan from 118 to now 102 kgs

Nikhil Saleem

Mr. Nikhil Saleem. Achiever of the month. With pure dedication and focus, under the eyes of his Personal Trainer Amith Krishna , killing instinct and hard training and dedication made him the achiever of the month. Team Fitness 4 Ever salute you both for making it possible. 

Mr. Pramod Prakasham

Shamal Mukundan

From Fat 2 Fit @ Fitness 4 Ever.
122 kgs to 94 kgs in 6 months time. With scientific diet and workout. With no use of any kind of artificial drug or supplements. 
Think Fitness think Fitness 4 Ever. Shamal Mukundan

Rohit Krishna

Jishu Shilu

Mr. Jishnu Shilu. Doing his MBBS at Cochin Medical college, Kalamassery. Joined Fitness 4 Ever seeking body transformation. He took up the challenge assigned by his trainer and in 3 months he transformed from 94 kgs to 79 kgs. If he can do this even you can. - JisHnu SHilu.

Arun Eappachan from 118 to now 102 kgs


Hats of to you JK, you are the real Hero. Let this be a motivation to all around. When he joined Fitness 4 Ever he was under 50kgs , with regular exercise and diet he achieved his target of 72 kgs

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