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Secrete sauce about body transformation of Mohanlal for PULIMURUGAN

Mohanlal in undoubtedly the biggest superstar in the Malayalam film industry. His film career itself spans a whopping 31 years and the actor himself is about to turn 57 within the next ten days. But for Lalettan, age is just a number and laws of physics are merely a suggestion! Don’t believe us? The 57 year old veteran actor had to undergo a strenuous training session to get into the skin of ‘Murugan’, the adventurous wild hunter in Pulimurugan.

As the Celebrity fitness expert for 'Mega Star' Mammootty since 2007, it was really a great experience to be Celebrity fitness expert of 'The complete actor' Mohanlal too.

Mohanlal started working out to transform his body on February 14, 2015, which went on for another nine months. These exercises were aimed at building strength along with endurance, balance and flexibility. A combination of strength training and cardio were used. At the end, Mohanlal lost 10 kgs and was equipped with speed and flexibility, thus ready to do physically taxing fight sequences. These high octane fight scenes are the major highlights of 'Pulimurugan'.

I was surprised to see the dedication, focus and hard work. His commitment can be inspiration to all hats of to you.

The complete actor, Mohanlal

Training : 9 months of regular training

Focus :Workout focusing on building strength, endurance, balance & coordination, flexibility, combination of strength training and cardio.

Cardio : both indoor and outdoor cycling.

Results : Reduced 10 kgs, for increasing speed and fight sequence for the super hit movie Pulimurugan.

Diet plan : Unrefined carbohydrates and protein constituted the first phase of his special diet. In the second phase, he was advised to follow a ketogenic diet. All artificial supplements were kept out of the plan. No artificial supplements used.

Strength training focused on improving muscle development and strength of lower body. Spend around INR 15,00,000/- on personal training and setting gym in outdoor locations.


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